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For more than a decade, gmad has specialized using an integrated approach to architectural and landscape environments, an approach that generates site-specific solutions that give each space an exceptional signature.

Such an approach has fostered an appreciation of the role that physical and social context haves in the development of design solutions. Our team has an unparalleled ability to research and deliver innovative solutions in response to unique projects, site conditions and objectives. Our firm offers integrated design services, including several disciplines to clearly understand the needs of all our projects.

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Exceptional architecture is more than the form and function of the built environment, it’s also about enhancing the quality of life for our customers and their communities.

We approach our projects strategically by integrating the design of the surrounding neighborhood, zoning regulations and sustainability to enhance the built environment in which we work and live. We faithfully maintain our focus to everyone’s benefit in environments that are great places to be.

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Landscape Architecture

We ensure that the design intertwines between the exterior and the interior, providing occupants with an experience that begins as soon as they approach the site.

Our landscape architects develop outdoor atmosphere by planning appropriate spaces and forms using methods that focus on the human scale and dimension, to emphasize the natural environment throughout.

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Interior Design

Our creative design solutions recognize each project’s unique identity and defined by the people who will use them.

As such we bring added value to our customers. Our designers create orchestrated spaces that leave a lasting positive impression on occupants and visitors.

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Urban Design

Using innovative approaches to public space and structures, we focus on social and environmental transformations of the public domain at several levels.

We view our work as part of the social fabric rather than just individual buildings. Our site development and analysis capabilities have paved the way for the design of projects that meet current and future needs of our customers.


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Virtual Reality

Bringing different together different forces we create powerful results.

By using the latest technologies to innovate, we find attractive ways to make and bring unbuilt projects to life. Virtual reality experiences are transforming the way the built environment is communicated, using data from a variety of sources to envision projects in new ways.

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Zoning Changes

Given the number and scale of our projects we are well versed with the zoning change process.

As a rule, our team readily masters the CCU process in cities and boroughs throughout Quebec. In some cities we have even achieved project acceptance in record time.

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gmad applies the principles and values of sustainable development not only to all the projects we undertake, but also to our internal operations.

To achieve these goals our firm has a policy based on elements such as integrating concepts of comfort, healthy environments and energy efficiency into the creative process, as well as the ongoing search for imaginative and innovative solutions that respect budget envelopes without compromising environmental concerns.
gmad is a proud member of the United States Green Building Council.

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Project Management

Architecture and project management go hand in hand.

Whether through long-term partnerships or one-off projects, we seek to understand our clients' aspirations in order to find imaginative solutions. This way we create new opportunities while providing crucial assurance that the project will move seamlessly to the operational phase.